Saturday, June 27, 2015

Greenlandic music - Various artist from Greenland.

Greenlandic musicians

Have you ever thought of how Greenlanders sound in music?

First of all, there is different genres of music, from pop to rock, rap to hip hop. And the taste of music changes by the times goes on.

Well, I am not going to write about music history in Greenland. I am going to tell you one of my favorite artists, and big names in Greenland.

My Favorites musicians:

Ole Kristiansen

Ole Kristiansen was a young man from north greenland. We first heard him in the 80's and his style, and lyrics are very different than others, so he became big very quickly. One of my all time favorite is Isimiit Iikkamut, but unfortunately I can not find it anywhere online but it is possible to buy the album here. I was listening and sing along to that in my Periscope session.


Sumé is one of Greenlands greatest rock band. They were formed in Denmark, a group of greenlandic students in Denmark created a rockband, and in no time they became one of the biggest band in Greenland. Recently a film maker from Greenland made a movie about them, so you can check out there facebook page here and their website, and buy their movie, and see some previews about the band.


Naneruaq is very very popular band, they sing about love, and one of the most memorable music too. 


Rina is one of the new artist in Greenland, she is coalkeeper from Greenlandic handball team in her daily life, she released the album about 2 years ago, and I was lucky enough to do her makeup and hair on the album cover. Clearly I am going to include her in my blog. My Favorite number is Ilangilaarniannga, it's the almost perfect 80's inspired number.

Small Time Giants

Is very cool band from Greenland too. They sing in english, and they are young rockband. They have different kind of feel of music than before. They have several albums so check it out.

So if you are interested more about Greenlandic music, please comment I will write some more.
If you have listened to Greenlandic music, tell me about how you like them or not, opinions are welcomed here.

What do you think about next topic should be?

Thank you for watching, and I hope to see you in my Periscope

Qujanaq - Dagmar


  1. Love Naneruaq!!! My fav so far!!!

  2. Love Naneruaq!!! My fav so far!!!


    My favorites (so far) are Naneruaq and Small Time Giants. Very cool indeed! Thank you for opening my ears to Greenlandic music!