Monday, August 3, 2015

Postcard contest August 2015

Picture taken by me. Copyrighted picture.

Rules to inter the contest:

Comment down below from this post (you can only inter the contest from this post), so I know you are entered the contest. Write what is your favorite place in the world. You can inter as much as you want, like for example if you inter the contest 5 times a month it will count as five enteries.

How I pick the winner:

I will write down all the contenders to a piece of paper, and put it on a hat. I will blindly pick one up, and we will have the winner. And you can see the periscope while I pick the winner up.

After 24 hours if the winner has not respond to me, I will pick one again.

I will pick the winner August 30th 2015.

What will you win?

You will win a Greenlandic postcard with Greenlandic post stamp on it. I will write a little note. This can not exchange to money.

A little note:

I hope you will win, so good luck, and I hope to see you in my live stream from Periscope.

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  1. With my family on a beach in the Bahamas

  2. At my grandmother's house relaxing with my family!

  3. Today I vote for.... GREENLAND!

  4. Last day to enter the contest, so I'll vote GREENLAND again! :)